Filter Elements


Filter Elements


Technical features

The pleated GV-PP cartridge is one of the most efficient filtering elements available on the market. The GV-PP is a highly pleated multilayer pleated pleated cartridge, which provides an exceptional dimensional cut-off for targeted removal of solid particles.

Among its features are:

– High filtering surface (0.6 m2 per 10 “): Up to 50% more than the cartridges of other comparable sectors, the GV-PP offers higher flow rates and higher dirt build-up capacity.

–GV-PP adopts a technically advanced filter media that can effectively and consistently remove the desired granulometry, however allowing for crossing of smaller, non-damaging particles, thus maximizing filter life.

– Progress in technology has allowed Realization of a better and more robust exterior support that guarantees greater protection of the plated pack

– All the GV-PP series cartridges are thermally welded instead of glued, thus avoiding the adhesive leaching in the filtered stream – To ensure protection And safety in transportation, storage and handling, each cartridge is packed individually.



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