GV Filtri looks carefully at technologies, to solve any need related to filtration.

We always look for innovative solutions with high performance to solve pressure drop problems.

This is why we endorse important partnership, in order to guarantee an innovative production ready to meet the needs of our customers.


Thanks to research conducted alongside the Politecnico University, we have been able to develop a system of reusable filters which can be applied to any surface and which have antibacterial, antifungal and, above all, antiviral properties capable of destroying Coronavirus.

The main components of Bio Killer coatings are the nanoparticles integrated in a glass or ceramic matrix: they successfully prevent the proliferation of bacteria, fungi, moulds, and viruses, and have already proven effective even in atmospheric temperatures of up to 450°C.

Our filters can be used in various industrial applications to remove bacteria and viruses not only from the air, but also from lubricating fluids involved in metal cutting processes.


In addition to providing costumers with a complete range of filtration systems and products, GV Filtri offers multidisciplinary technical advice.

Would you like to know how our filter solutions can be applied to your business sector?


Remote tracking of filter performance. Muraqaba GV assistance was developed to offer a monitoring service and to predict when to carry out maintenance.

Welding Technology

Thanks to our multiple certifications on welds, we are able to create austenitic stainless steel filter elements for the most critical filtration applications.

Available Materials

Monel 400
Inconel 625
Hastelloy C276
Hastelloy C22
Lega 254 – F44

All the most common metals for industrial realizations

High Performance Filter Media

We are able to offer a wide range of filter media suitable for solving the most difficult process problems. We offer bespoke solutions even for the most critical applications.

Thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies and the contribution of a team of dynamic individuals with great experience in the field, in addition to the standard product range, GV Filtri’s engineering division offers complete filtration units for engineering firms and end users, which are designed and created in compliance with all the major building codes
(ASME VIII Div. 1 & 2, EN 13445, PED, ecc.)

Bio Killer

A coating applicable on any surface with antibacterial, antifungal and, above all, antiviral properties capable of wiping out Coronavirus.

New Skin

The NewSkin project aims to create an Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB), a new legal entity which will provide the European Innovation Ecosystem with the necessary technologies, resources and services to uptake a set of game changing, efficient and cost- effective innovative processes to manufacture nano-enabled industrial and consumer products as well as the necessary testing capabilities to demonstrate nano-enhanced goods features.

IoT Remote

Muraqaba GV assistance was developed to offer a remote monitoring service, with the possibility of tracking data in the cloud. Thanks to these data, the system will be able to make predictions on the scheduling of maintenance operations.


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